[] Materials Won't Load in if on a Distant Canvas Object

I’ve been facing this issue for a bit, but I finally figured out what the cause was.

Basically, if you have a material on a Condo Wall that loads in before a Canvas using the same material, the Condo Wall won’t load in fully.

Here is an example:

I set up four materials to test the different results based on what loads in first and what loads in second.

Material: First Area - Second Area
Bricks: Condo Wall - Canvas Cube
Wood: Condo Wall - Canvas Cube
Carpet: Condo Wall - Condo Wall
Wallpaper: Canvas Cube - Condo Wall & Canvas Cube

Here is the first area (before loading the second area)
Bricks and Wood don’t load fully while Wallpaper and Carpet do.

Here is the second area to load, now everything has loaded in properly.

Upon returning to the first area, the Bricks and Wood have now loaded in properly.

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