[] Exercise Balls Need Recoloring and Metallic Versions

The exercise balls should be able to be editable so you can change the color.

It would also be cool for the shops to sell a metallic version with also editable colors.

If there were a metallic option I feel like just adding it as a setting to the regular yoga ball would be fine. This is a little specific tho lol
But yeah, color options should be on every item imo.

The only reason I say metallic option is there is no (current?) way of changing the type of texture on an item. The materials ultimately change the gloss and even appearance of the shade. So, I think a metallic option would have to be because it’s made out of a different material. Not sure if it being made out of a different material would still allow it to be bouncy, though.

Por ejemplo, these are all the same 160-60-0 orange I use on just about everything editable in my condo.

(The gray concrete has been changed to 160-60-0 but it doesn’t make much / any difference. I only changed the ottoman of the couch section because it has a different texture than the rest of the set, so those are probably editable and I just haven’t done it.)