[] Game World Ports Should Allow Player Limit

I don’t think it’s a secret that regardless of how good the host is or how spectactular the internet of the players is, something happens at 10 that the net code starts to degrade that gets worse when there are 11 and laggy-at-best at 12. I love being able to use the GWP because you don’t have to sit in a lobby waiting for other players but the lobby is the only way you can keep from hitting 12.

Can we add the ability to limit the number of players (for at least Virus) to keep from hitting the 12?

Because… Survivors got shotties like pump and run and it only takes two to wipe. Zombs have booties like Cadillacs and I want to shoot them in Overtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime. You’ve been camping for kills–got your bomb, shoot your gun. Hey, any zomb can be good to shoot but it takes a well-timed juke to be just fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Bang bang all of the zombs (you know you want it). Use-use TNT bombs (unless it’s crossbow). Don’t camp with me or they will get us here (ahhhhh)–wait in your corner there (ah, hey)! Poosh poosh with the sonic (defensive yeet it). Pop pop the haaaaaaand gun (it’s shares its ammo). It’s okay: we all fear (ah). Wait a minute don’t leave me here (ah, hey)! They might’ve got me in hospital but I’m gonna rehabilitaaaaaate. No, I don’t need to hear how you missed the box, just come and show what your flak gun aaaaaate (oh yea). I heard they got a big swipe range but it don’t mean a thing. See any body can go pew pew but it takes plasma to snipe the miiiiiiiiiiiiiind. Boom boom go all of the bombs (I did the funny). Juke juke all of the tiiiime (just fifteen seconds). Wait a minute, we’re not all here (ah). Holy crap, I’m last (ah hey)! Five, four, three, two, onnnnne (it’s the milliseconds). Infection has spread to usssssssssssssssssssss (Oh GD it). Wait a minute, we had lag here (ah). Host has s* 'net tiers (ah, hey)!



The anthem of my Veeroos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HDdjwpPM3Y

pff ahahahahhaa

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