[] Blocked Players' Names Should Still be Visible

It would be kind of nice to have [BLOCKED] placed in front of a person’s name on the player list instead of their name.

A few of us have been talking and the thread I had originally posted it in got marked as resolved so I don’t think we got it out there. But just because you block someone, doesn’t mean you don’t want to be able to see their name in the list of players so that you don’t have to un-block them to decide whether or not you want to stay.

It’s not an issue of not wanting to see what they say or hear what they’re spewing, it’s wanting to know whether you’re in the same public space as someone (because you can’t control where they go) before they devolve the space into whatever it is that you blocked in the first place.

It would also help when playing game modes because you may have no problem playing with people you’ve blocked (because you don’t have to read what they’ve written/listen to what they’ve said to play), or maybe there is someone you just need to get away from–but the only way you’ll know is if you un-block them.