[] Condo Canvas Bug

I’ve noticed with placing canvases on certain locations - for an example, a picture over a laptop monitor. Sometimes other players will see something different from the host. Usually to fix this, you can try pulling the canvas out just a little bit more and it’ll fix it for everyone. Can make it tricky though for designing homes since others may not see what you do.

A more frustrating example is a new issue I’ve encountered. I’m using a canvas on a table as a mousepad and every time I leave my home, the mousepad appears much lower than the table when re-entering - but only for other players. In order to fix it, I have to completely re-make the table under it for it to pop back up.

For reference I’m using a regular canvas (transparency) on a wooden bar table.

Can provide screenshots and further details if requested.


Sounds like the “Rounding Bug” strikes again. Its when numbers like XYZ coordinates and scales are rounded up or down only for guests, which messes up precise measurements

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That’s what I was thinking because the table is set to .85 height rather than the default 1.00.
I believe the game simply isn’t seeing the table at the modified height for guests.

edit: I tested this and sure enough, the default height fixes the problem. It doesn’t have the same visual look so it is only a workaround. For whatever reason the wooden bar table doesn’t seem to like height scaling when it comes to items on it. Not sure if this effects other tables and surfaces.

edit2: this bug is also happening with regular bookshelves. everyone sees things on top as clipping badly when on my screen they aren’t.

edit3: its happening with almost any object I change the vertical height of. wooden dining table 2 as well.

Only workaround so far is to keep vertical heights at default.