[] Treasure hunt caches appearing in illegal/inaccessible positions

Treasure hunt caches are appearing in locations where they can’t easily be redeemed, for example:-
• Under minigame teleporter on the east beach
• Under monorail support columns on the west beach
• Under the lifeguard hut on the east beach
• Under the path outside Oasis
• In deep water
• Deep under the grassy embankment
• Overlapping By The Sea Shore dolphin aquarium merchant
• Overlapping sandcastles
• Intersecting with sun loungers
• Intersecting with deck chairs

Still occurring as of Virus Desertion Art pass/Remaster update


I can confirm that a treasure chest spawned under the blade flag for me.

Chest: spawns under lifeguard hut

Darkmessenger84: Wait that’s illegal.

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See attached screenshots


I just had one spawn so far into the ocean I couldn’t reach it at 150cm out while treading water