[] While buying items adding too many things to cart and then removing them seemingly charges you for the amount before items were removed.

I was unaware that there was a limit on how many items I could buy at one time. I added 440+ items to my cart. I was unable to make a purchase, as the checkout button is greyed out with a message saying that only 100 things can be bought at once. My cart was at around 370k units. I removed a ton of items until my cart was at 100 items. The price listed was 155k units. As soon as I hit the “Checkout” button, I was charged for the initial 370k. To check if this charge was merely cosmetic, I left the plaza and re-entered. This changed nothing. I then restarted the game completely, and I was then actually relieved to find I was “refunded” the amount. Meaning that the displayed amount of units I had was incorrect from the amount that I actually had.


I’m pretty sure if you login to https://express.towerunite.com/ it will also refund you the units. I’m not too sure so don’t quote me on that.

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It doesn’t