[] Plant colors

Some trees don’t reflect color changes at all, while others do. I didn’t test all of them, but i know it at least affects the autumn oak as well, so it probably only affects trees with different variations.

Bushes are only partially affected by color change.


As for the first bug:

The second bug appears to be unrelated to the above. Do you know if this started happening recently, or if it has been long standing issue?

I can’t say for certain on the bushes, I only found out about those while testing different plants before reporting the trees. Of course, I searched for the error before reporting it and saw other users talking about bush color problems long ago, but it seems to be a bug of different nature.

If you don’t mind me tacking on problems, though, there’s been a long outstanding issue with connecting guests clients seeing default colors on modified trees unless the host changes them again after a respective guest joins.