[] Achievements Displaying Wrong "Unlock Date"

Quick heads up: I did not put this topic in the broken achievements thread due to these achievements still unlocking, but displaying the wrong time instead.

I was playing Tower Unite today and decided to do a few random achievements for fun, they unlocked properly, but displayed the wrong date in the collection book when I unlocked them. I’ve never encountered this issue before with any other achievements, unless I haven’t noticed them. The two attached images show the achievements that I unlocked and the incorrect date. I exited the lobby I was in, entered and exited a condo, and entirely shut down the game, but the date is still incorrect in my collection book.

My current date as of posting this is 7/25/2020, which is exactly what my computer is set to, but for some reason Tower Unite decided to go the farthest any computer can go back in time on the calendar.

AchievementDateBug1 AchievementDateBug2

They eventually get set to the right date. 1/1/1970 at 12:00AM is just a Unix Time Stamp at 0.
I get this problem too, but around a day later it changes to the right date.

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Ah ok, this is the first time I’ve ever noticed it, it would still be nice if they got recorded properly immediately though. Thanks for the answer!