[] Grand Quest may give out multiple jackpots

This is an edge case, and not a huge deal, but still something that could be exploited a little. The way I’ve been able to reproduce this is as follows:

  1. Get 2 or 3 Action symbols on a single Spin
  2. Slay the Dragon/win the Jackpot while leaving at least one Action left
  3. Execute the remaining Action(s)

The Jackpot amount has been reset down to 100 Credits, but the HP of the Characters are not reset. The end result is even with a Trip Action, the logic sees the Dragon’s HP as 0 and gives you the current Jackpot amount again, even though it really should be starting a new round at 75 vs 100.

Related, the Jackpot disappears and does not display properly on the 7 segment display

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