[] Game Will Not Load

I installed the game today(after the game update yesterday).
And I found the game crashes in the loading screen, around 5 seconds after I open the game.

I’ve checked that there’s no fatal error.

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Hey, Roy!

Hi Imouse1, Nobody replies me.

Were you presented with a crash reporter window after the crash occurred?

He has the same problem as mine

And also, my friend who install the game at the same time with me can not open the game too.

No, The game window disappear without any other windows pop out

Im have same problem><
I can turn it on when the internet is off.
But the game crashes when I connect to the Internet.
Please fix it.Thx

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Mad: I don’t know if this helps, but I was trying to help Roy (and Sony, by extension) with the steps you and Caboose had me do. [] Fatal Error Opening Laptop

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I have an update.
I tried to open the game offline. And a crash report window came out.
I also find a crash report in the TU file.
I repeat again, this is in offline situation

Roy: If you’re worried the crash report didn’t go through, there’s instructions on my notes of out conversation on how to post the crash report to the forums

Where can I see your notes?

Scroll up to the link I provided

I can’t find the information in the link provided.
I would like to open a new post by myself

This is your post, Roy

Here is the link to the post: [] Game Will Not Load