[] Progressions Reset

Hello Devs,
I recently got a problem with resetting points from the plaza.This was my progress yesterday (11.7.2020): [picture 1]

-All XP’s got resetted except for Plaza and Minigame

Also next to it, that some achievements of the collection Book were broken: [picture2]

But all is back to normal now: [picture3]

To yesterday:
First I thought its just a bug that displays the wrong amount of XP’s and I wanted to proof it, by testing it out. So I went fishing. But it appears, that I also got now 1250XP in total for fishing now.

So I wanted to sign up on your forum, but I havent received an E-Mail for varification yet.After I started Tower Unite today(12.7.2020), I was immidiately going to the plaza to check again if anything changed. Gladly, my old progress appeared back again: [picture4]

…only with one problem and that is my progress (momentarily) in fishing.

I think it has to do something , that I have gone fishing yesterday. And now its probably seen as my actual progress, but it isnt. Normally I had around 300,000 XP I believe (atleast over 250,000!).Now I would like you to ask, if you can bring back my old progress for fishing back?

And hopefully to explain, why I havent received an E-mail for varification yet?(waiting on it for almost 24 hours now)

SteamID: mhf95

Thanks for answering in advance.

(PS im a friend of mhf95 so i made this post for him, since he can’t acces the forum)


I’m going to need a link to your Steam Profile page so I can look into this further.