[] Fatal in Resort

Every time i join my friend’s condo, which is a resort. I get a fatal error within minutes.
I haven’t had any fatal’s in 2 months, only here. It’s also a fresh resort, without items.

Doesn’t seem to be happening at a specific time, but when standing afk it seems it takes longer to get a error.

I uploaded some dumps:
7 intotal, all from the same place.

Got 2 more today,
both after pressing K

Have you tried verifying your game cache?

Also, these crashes seem to be related to canvas images.

I tried verifying cache,
Fatal. added the Dump ( first one )

Then we removed the canvas.
Still fatal ( second dump )


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Thanks for the additional crash. I believe I have found the issue and will be putting it part of the hot fix.

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So i immedialty tried after the hotfix.

While it seemed harder to get Fatal
First i just pressed K and would get it 1st or 2nd time.,

It did take like 2 minutes now, but i still get fatal.
Uploaded the dump:


Thanks for the crash dump. I was able to figure out another possible solution to this crash for the next hot fix.