[] Rich presence option

Update will have Steam rich presence support according to Trello. Could there be a setting to disable this? Steam itself doesn’t provide an option other than to hide that you’re playing anything at all, and that’s going too far.

If disabled, it would still show your server or current activity to any of your friends in the main menu, and to others on the same server via the tab player list just as it does right now.

Pinging @Sketchman as the weekly update topic indicates you might be the best person to suggest this to.

Why are you against this? Just curious

I’m not against rich presence being available and enabled by default. I do understand it is a feature that a lot of people want. But personally I don’t have an interest in broadcasting this data to my profile and friend list.

If a friend wants to know what I’m doing in Tower they can launch it and see in-game and come join me, or just ask what I’m up to. If they don’t have the game they don’t need to see me sitting in the casino for hours, for example.


It’d also be useful for content creators who want to do something private in a plaza, for example, instead of being followed around by fans.


Added :+1: