[] Inventory Broken/Not Showing up

If I buy any item, or win an item or any new item is added to my inventory it will show up in my Steam inventory but it will not show up in my player inventory. So now I can’t build anything.

Have you tried restarting Steam or your computer?

I have, I have restarted my PC, I have restarted steam and I have even tried switching accounts.

Have you tried verifying your game cache or uninstalling and reinstalling it?

[FIXED] (TL:DR at bottom)

Tower Unite player inventory is not only synced to the steam inventory but also your computer clock time!

When you purchase an item it will send the item to your steam inventory, but if your computer clock is off then it wont show it in your player inventory because you technically don’t own it yet!

Computer clock needs to be on the right time to show items in your inventory.

I’m glad it’s working for you now. But trust me, your computer clock time has nothing to do with it. The entire thing is handled on Steam servers. Most likely due to holiday sales, things are going slower than usual.

Well my clock was set to when steam went down. But as soon as my clock was updated my items appeared.

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