[] Textures do not load to turbo in condos

although I have the texture quality at ultra it is at lowest, even when trying to change quality.

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How many canvases do you have? Did you join the Plaza before loading your condo?

went from my condo, also yes I have alot of canvases lol (I did wait a really long time too and it never loaded)

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Fun thing is that the textures load perfectly fine in Turbo until the first canvases finish loading (at least in my case). I have 57 canvases

yeah that sounds like a similar issue to me

I have the same problem, I have a lot of canvases, but before the bowling update my condo ran perfectly.
The lobby runs perfectly, and even if I turn down my graphics all the details just sort of moosh together.

I’ve joined other condos with tons of canvases and they look fine. The only other change I’ve noticed is when you’re joining someone elses condo it shows the ocean making tidal waves up towards the house.

I’ve tried emptying my condo, disconnecting and reloading it, but it still has the same problem from startup.
Tried closing out of Tower and reopening it to get back to my newly emptied condo, but the game continues to run in background afterwards. So I have to force close it, and when I load it back up the game seems to have forgotten that I emptied my condo, and all my stuff is still there.

Hope this helps.

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