[] VAC check failed 5...even after re-installing

Ok, just to set things straight I am not VAC banned and I have the proof for it, not even sure if y’all are in control of this on the servers. I have been constantly been getting “VAC check failed 5” ALL day long…btw here is what I mean by proof.

—> http://puu.sh/rK0yH/77396686ad.jpg <—

This only started on day 2 of playing and I still absolutely LOVE you peeps. One more thing to note is I haven’t even messed with the games files in anyway whatsoever. Oh and apologies if this is off-topic, all I want is clarification on the matter. <3 Indyana8965

Moved to questions, because I think it’s supposed to double as a help section too. The old forums did, anyway.

Also, you should check out this link, and if you go through all the troubleshooting steps and come up blank, hit this thread again. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2117-ILZV-2837


YUS! Repairing the steam service dun diddly do da did the trick. :smiley: :heart: :smile:
If this ever happens to me again I shall do the same, if that doesn’t work I shall report back here with news. <3 indyana8965

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