[] tabbing out while loading caused blackscreen

I didn’t really play TU a lot since the casino update but i wanted to play it so i loaded into the los angeles server. while loading i decided to check some messages by alt tabbing, only it caused my screen to black out with only steam’s fps counter on top, i could peek into the other programs like chrome and discord but i couldn’t interact with them because the screen would pop back to the black Tower Unite, i tried ctrl + alt + delete to use task manager to close TU but i couldn’t move my mouse to it, alt + f4 also didn’t work, so in the end i had to completely restart my pc to fix the issue.

probably not something that was supposed to happen.

Are you using fullscreen (not borderless)? If so, that’s just a common problem with full screen mode in general, regardless of game. Changing it to borderless fullscreen should solve that problem, but if you were using borderless or windowed, that’s definitely a problem.

Ah, thanks, i didn’t know that was a thing. I checked and i was actually using fullscreen instead of borderless, clears it up.

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