[] Pets and Bubbles

Pets pop all the bubbles around them in a radius much larger than themselves, making it hard to shoot bubbles with pets around. In the Virus weapon test in the alpha, there was an issue with pets not allowing guns to be fired, so I don’t think this is a new issue.

It seems more like your bubble pet is just flying straight pass them with no problems.
Case in point 0:29 to 0:35

I’m firing bubbles for the whole video (except for the part where I equip my pet), they just immediately pop after firing so you can’t see them. So yeah, don’t really know what happened with the end, but you can see the issue clearly.

There isnt any indication that they are being fired at all at that point since its a soundless weapon, which sucks.

would love it making small bubble popping sounds though.

Doesn’t it make the sound?
Anyway I can confirm the pets have an very large hit box for popping bubbles as I have a bubble blower in my condo and I usually find my bubbles popped by my Pet Melon.

It doesn’t.