[] Opening game on alternate computer overwrites condo data

Normally play the game on my home computer but I’ve wanted to play it while I’m away so I installed it onto my laptop, initially it worked fine and there wasn’t a problem. Fast forward to recently I tried to play it while away on my laptop again, mind you by now I have added a lot to my condo, load it up and it all works fine same as before.

Later that day I get on on my main computer and notice stuff missing from my condo. Quickly realized the whole condo had been set back, specifically to when I had first played the game on my laptop. From what I understand, in opening the game on my laptop the second time the condo data on it had some sort of priority and overwrote the more recent data file on my main computer. All the items that were missing were moved to my inventory so that’s not an issue, but if I don’t have to redo everything that’d be good.

Is there anyway to recover what was lost?

I think the condo information is still stored on your laptop, which presents a multitude of problems for you and Pixeltail.

Im gonna guess the information about your new items you got on your laptop hasn’t been uploaded to steam cloud which essentially means you are playing an “older save” on your stationary.

Id recommend you play on your laptop until further notice as to avoid any future problems regarding your save file.

Did the game ask you to syncronize steam cloud data once you started up tower unite on your laptop? If yes, did you accept it? That should have written your condo data over to your laptop instead of creating a new one for your laptop because it had none.

I think you’re misunderstanding him.
He said he played on his stationary and then installed it on his laptop to play.

And everything works fine until he played on his stationary again, where upon the things were rolled back.

Edit: but yes, do make sure they are synchronized with steam cloud.

Was already thinking that I misunderstood the whole thing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But still, make sure that your things are syncronized with steam cloud, de-syncronization is the top causer of such problems.

We use Steam Cloud to sync the condo data. If you don’t sync Steam Cloud, then you will lose your condo data when switching computers.

We don’t host the condo data at all, it’s all on Steam Cloud.