[] Grand Quest machines don't update

Don’t know why this is happening, but on the Seattle server there were three machines (I already spun the other 2 before the video) which had the dragon’s HP as 0, and when you spun the machine, it would reset the jackpot and the dragon’s HP, but set the catsack’s HP to 75. For all I know, it could be an issue with the machines not updating clientside, but the catsacks all getting 75 health seems like more than coincidence.
I’m dumb. Machines don’t update sometimes for Grand Quest, showing the machine in the state before the jackpot was won instead of showing the win screen.

The health was set to 75 by default. This is not a bug.

Welp, guess I just didn’t realize since almost all the machines had 100 health. I’ll edit my post.

This is a visual glitch that will be addressed in a later patch.

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