[] Items not being rewarded properly (solved)

While playing spin to win, I won the bubble gun. I waited 15 minutes and it still was not there. Other people were complaining that items they were supposed to win from the spin to win, were not appearing in their inventory.

plz fix

This is a Steam Issue, it may take a while for Steam to let you see that you got the item. Rest assured, you did get it.


Ohh, is that all? Cool

Is there any way that the steam inventory process could be done faster?

Yeah, we toss out using Valve’s inventory and host our own.

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How many months will that take?

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Is that planned on happening? Because steam inventory seems a cool addition, be a shame to remove the feature. Is there any other way to fix the delay?

Well aren’t you an optimistic person

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It would not take months.


I was asking because getting AGC to be secure and super stable took you at least a month right? A secure, scalable and stable inventory system is not an easy task either as it wouldn’t be enough to just spin up a MySQL DB or similar and combining it with an TLS encrypted JSON api with Steam account validation. Not sure if anyone in your team is experienced with building such big DBs.

EDIT: This is somewhat related to this: a summary of a talk about how to scale an application using AWS: http://highscalability.com/blog/2016/1/11/a-beginners-guide-to-scaling-to-11-million-users-on-amazons.html

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Right. But is there a way to speed up the steam inventory process, so we don’t have to sacrifice it all together?

Well the devs could ask Valve about it, but I guess that’s all they can do. If the inventory system becomes unresponsive (or you “loose” all your items) it’s usually an issue on Valve’s end.

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Do you think TU should host its own inventory then, instead of using steam?

The inventory system itself is not that complicated. I’m more worried about them hosting a big scalable infastructure for it. They need a big database that should be able to handle at least 100s of servers connected it. And I don’t think that the devs are that experienced with creating an infrastructure that can scale horizontally whilst being redundant. Sure AWS can help you, but it’s still very time consuming to maintain or even build it.
Imo they should stick with the Steam inventory system for now.

Ignore that shit.

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Can you please stop assuming you know anything about our backend or our code? I’m sorry but you often post like you know it and you don’t.

Our inventory is complex and it is not simple.

We are experienced with hosting servers and handling large amounts of data. We have multiple people on our team that have experience with that particular thing.

Also the AGC is not comparable to an inventory system at all.





OK I’ll stop it. I’m sorry for creating so much anger among your team. :sweat: In my broken mind I thought that this was sort of “helping” but that’s actually quite pathetic.

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