[] Worse FPS in Condo after update

So basically the update has made my framerate a lot worse in my Condo now. It used to stay at around 60 average when I was looking around in the main Condo room, but now it can go all the way down to 30.

Here are my system specs:

Graphics settings (everything on max):

I have already tried to restart Steam and verify the game files. Steam couldn’t validate one file when it searched, but it didn’t improve anything afterwards.

Here are some screenshots around my condo with Afterburner statistics, it should show everything on screen except for power limits, voltage limits, etc.

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Putting shadows to High instead of having them on Turbo made a huge difference, got the tip from Lifeless.

Hopefully the hot fix we release later today will improve it.


Yep it solved it, getting around 100 FPS in my condo now without issues. Thanks a lot.

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