[] Virus Decals Are Broken

Could you please specify what the issue is here?

I don’t see anything wrong with the floor’s reflection.

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Just looks like the virus’ dripping blood. Can’t see any lighting issues here.

All I see is a beautiful game of Virus.

Not seeing any issues here. If you’re referring to the green stuff: [quote=“Radek, post:4, topic:11310”]
Just looks like the virus’ dripping blood.


Infection blood on my gun after I move to the corner of the map area.

Unreal has a terrible decal system.

Oh okay! Just want this game to be fully polished to it’s finest after Early Alpha, btw will Early Alpha players received anything exclusive that Post Alpha players will not?

Only the rewards that were already given out for either being an old GMTower player/VIP or a backer of the Tower Unite IndieGoGo campaign.

Hey Macdguy! I notice you edited the title so does this mean its a bug or it’s Unreal’s fault?

It’s probably Unreal.

It’s Unreal’s fault - could also be my fault. Their decal system is just completely trash. I’ve tried everything I can to make it look good, but I might have to remove the blood altogether. I renamed it because its more descriptive so I know what it is.

Oh okay thanks! Wasn’t sure if it was from the floor on the map since in know it has that light reflection thing on the floor.