[ Hot Fix] Garden Hole 8 Stuck Behind Gong

I Somehow Managed to get Stuck behind The Second Gong on the 8th Hole on Garden
There was no way to get out of This Situation


That is quite impressive. Any other details on how I can try to recreate the issue?


Maybe he had an fps shock (low fps does less collision checks) and with his speed he clipped through it.

I know that this is really bad for a Bug report but I can’t really provide any additional details because I wasn’t really paying attention to that screen at that specific moment … sorry
I think i’ll leave Shadow Play Running in the background from now on :smiley:

It sounds like its a pretty rare case, so it’s not too critical. If you do manage to have it happen again though it’d really help.

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I’ll re Report once i get Video of this
There isn’t a way to only play that specific hole is there?

I remember seeing this happen to someone when I was playing on Garden too, pretty hard to pull off.

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