- double the awards, double the plesure

I think I somehow made an unwanted bug which maybe can be exploited if you haven’t got the awards yet.

So, what happen was that due to my game sometimes refuse to close completely I have to get into my task manager to make a manually force close on my game.

I tried to load my game and from there went into my condo, but an odd thing was that was my unites showed 0 and where my avatar images was supposed to were was just blank white cube. in the main menu, plus that the currently steam friends who were online during the time, wasn’t showing up on the list. I then proceed to load into my condo, only to figure out that my condo was loading, it would normally load after 2 secs, but here it took 30 sec. and I couldn’t cancel the loading so I just open my task manager up and made a force shut down on the game, but it was still showing that it was running on steam, so I continued to make a force shut down on steam as well.

this happen two times, till I realized I somehow in the task manager further down had the game open like 2 times, after shutting both down the steam finally made a syncing and afterwards I was able to load my condo as well see those who were online, but it also resulted in this…

And I have no fucking clue how I manage to do that.

Does both the original and the dupe of the items say genuine, and do you actually have 2 of each in your steam inventory?

They stack, so I guess they’re genuine.

It only shows one in steam inventory, but when I check like two of the same props in my condo it says they are both genuine.

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Glad you reported this. That’s pretty interesting! Also, the fact you reported it makes sure you wont get reprimanded for anything later on.

AFAIK, the genuine thing doesn’t take the amount of items into account when checking. It just checks if you have the item in your Steam inventory or not, so that’s probably why both are marked as genuine. It was that way in the alpha, at least.

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