[] Alpine Hole 10 Bug

On Hole 10 of Alpine there appears to be a part near the start that’s either a hole in the map or for whatever other reason registered an inbounds collision as out of bounds. My ball hit the right side of the right hole and instantly said it was out of bounds, returning me to the start. I have circled, roughly, where my ball hit in the below image.



What’s this reply about?

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idk i found someone who posted a bug on alpine so i figured id post somethings that need to be fixed aswell

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why not report it on your own thread?

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The second and third pictures aren’t really bugs. That’s just how the moving block pinching is dealt with. As for the first picture, that’s just simply unlucky.

why waste paper when i can use this?

There is no paper
just make a thread about it

first picture was actually lucky because i wasn’t in the hole in one slide. this should be fixed so people land in the right spots


nothing’s stopping you.

Yeah, this confused me, as well.

Then, like @CalculatorSpoon said, make a thread about it. Just taking pictures onto a thread of slight relevance is confusing, especially when you give no context.

dude wtf u talking about. i simply replied with 3 pictures that are bugs. so i attatched it to this thread yall need to chill.

you can make your own thread, dude.

@Bongoboard Don’t piggyback other bug threads. Make a new post about different bugs please.