[] Laggy Jetpack

So since the Update the Jetpack got really laggy when used in the lobby.

Video: YouTube

For me it just won’t let me run with shift and jetpack anymore…

The lagging is probably caused by the ping, what was your ping in that server?

I think the ping is still bugged…

i don’t think it’s a bug with the update, ive always had this bug whenever there were a ton of people in the lobby, and it’s at a peak in current players since the update just released

Has nothing to do with ping. It happens to me too and I average 40-50 ping.

Yeah, it definitely isn’t the update. The jetpack has been like this for me since Early Access.

Well, I don’t know then.
When I have a high ping (around 200-400ms) I get that “laggy” effect, but when I’m around 60-100ms the jetpack is way smoother. That’s my experience.
Maybe he’s having another problem.

Or maybe the culprit is the number of people in the server at the moment you’re using the jetpack, as you said.

Maybe a mix of the two.