[] Ball Race - Passing through the teleporter in Nimbus

In Level 9, there is a teleporter at the end of the 2nd speed boost: rolling too fast will often cause you to go through the teleporter without getting teleported and fall out of the map.

This happens with the finish portal as well some times.

Edited title to fit the description

Just to make sure, one, are you hitting the teleporter post directly, and two, are you host, or playing with someone else as host?

The only reason I ask is because there are times I feel like I should’ve been close enough to hit them and somehow missed (both as host and not). As host, that’s clearly my fault I miss, but as someone joining a game, I feel like it may have to do with your connection to the host, since there are times movement can be really bad if you have a poor connection to the host. Client side prediction is a bit off maybe (which is something PixelTail would have to tinker with).

-Yes, I try to hit the teleporter directly, or at least with a very small margin
-The problem occurred as Host in singleplayer, as Host with other players and playing in a server without being Host.

I’m not completely sure but I think the Teleporter is slightly misplaced. I’m gonna try again

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