[] [NOT A BUG] Data of previous client isn't reset in minigolf


Okay, I’m going to leave this post up because I still find it a little bit unfair that joining late causes you to star with a triple bogey. Moderators, feel free to remove this (or at least move it)

So, assuming the client connections work on an ID based system, I’ll try to explain using IDs. Lets say a client connected to the game and was assigned the ID of 4 and they are on hole 1 and make 5 shots. They get fed up and then, this client leaves the game, freeing ID number 4 for the next client to connect. Well, another client connects and is assigned the ID of 4. Well, said client keeps the amount of strokes that the previous client had. So even though they’re shooting from the starting position, the server still has data saying that they made 5 shots previously

If my explanation was horrible, then here is a tl;dr of sorts:
Whenever someone joins, makes X shots on a hole, then leaves during that hole, the next client to join still has X strokes (if still on the hole that the first client left on), even though they just started the hole.


Is that it? I always thought it was because I had a penalty for joining late, thinking it starts you out at triple bogey (default score for not finishing a hole while under or equal to triple bogey).


That may be right as well, I just think that a triple bogey as a penalty for loading in late is a little bit unfair, since some people may not have the best internet/harddrive. Especially in this case since of the 4 times this has happened, two of them were started on Par 2 holes :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, it seems to do that every-time. Guess it isn’t a bug, I’ll edit my post.