Several seemingly random crashes,


I experienced two crashes last night, one around 11 pm and the other around 8. I Believe both I was in my condo.

To further explain, the game just closed there was no “Fatal error!”. Both times it seemed to have crashed without reason, the one I was just entering my condo and the other I had just brought open the server browser and it crashed. I believe.

Another issue that i was experiencing was that canvases still wouldn’t load, or they would load the wrong thing completely.

2 things to point out:

  • The canvas in between the kitchen and fireplace changed from a snapchat of my friend to a picture of a cute guy. It has since stayed as the picture of a cute guy despite efforts. Like, I’ll change the photo to something else, and it will stay like that only for the current session. When I leave and come back it returns back to the cute guy.

  • The return to menu button doesn’t work, and usually only works about half the time.