[] Placing Canvases on an Invisible Barrier at the Condo Entrance & Other Areas

There are a couple of invisible barriers around the Condo where you can place canvases (and other objects) on. These barriers only affect stuff you can place down, so you, of course, can go through them

If you’re anti-social, like myself, you can literally make a canvas barrier and block people from exploring your condo, that is, unless they move out of the way before everything loads.

There are a couple other areas you can do this at: In front of the door to the Garden area & the door leading to the Pool area.

And here’s a table against one of the barriers.


If you don’t want people in your condo, there is a singleplayer option

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I know there’s a single player option. I just find it funny that you can block the condo entrance with canvases.