[] Crash regarding graphics card errors and then serious graphics problems after until pc restart

Basically what is happening is that i’m having crashes consistently that have something to do with my graphics card’s functionality. After a while of playing the game crashes and has an error that mentions that I should check for updates for my graphics card; except my graphics card has the latest official update.

It happens in especially graphical areas like the game lobby or in an actual game, and it happens after a couple of minutes of playtime.

After crashing even the graphics in Google Chrome are messed up and has serious artifacting problems.

If I try to play Tower Unite again the graphics are really blacked out, but I can still see some main things like other people running around and certain sets of objects.

The only solution is to restart my computer and try again. I’ve tried turning SLI off and the problem persists.


nVidia GTX 680 x 2 (SLI)

Driver: 364.72

This is also happening in every new version so far, and it doesn’t give me a crash dump, I’ve checked.

Apparently the whole driver crashes, and after that the computer needs to be restarted to resume normal functionality.

I thought it may have had something to do with my windows theme, but the only one that I haven’t tried so far is Windows Basic and it’s still doing it.

Although in Aero it seems like I don’t need to restart my computer for some reason. In basic I definitely do need to restart I just switched it and there are artifacts everywhere.

I’m no expert on this, but artifacting might be a sign of faulty hardware. Your temperatures are okay through all of this or in general? Do you have any overclocking, even factory?

The hardware has been fine in everything else up to this point and returns to being fine after restarting (from the looks of it) until I play Tower Unite and crash again.

This is my first time monitoring the temperatures, but the GPU under load was sitting at about 55C until I started up the game and now it’s at 98C in the main menu. The other GPU stayed at 42C. I’m not sure if 98C is a normal temperature under load.
I’ll attempt to play it again and log the GPU monitoring file.

Yes, the cards do appear to have a factory overclock of about 10%.

98C is pretty much at the limit what your card can handle, which can cause all the issues you’ve described.

Yeah that would make a lot of sense and also describe the log too. It stayed at 98C and then flickered down to about 95C before the crash before spiking at 98C again and then crashing. After which it went down to the 50s then back up to 98 then it cut off and GPU-Z could no longer detect it and read 0C.

Maybe I’ll have to wait until they optimize it in beta?

I just wanted to say that turning the graphics down to low has seemed to fix this problem temporarily. The temperature still spikes up to 98C sometimes but it dips down enough not to crash the kernel. Needless to say I’ve just completed my first minigolf match. :slight_smile: