[] Projector doesn't work

I just bought the projector for 10k but it doesn’t seem to work. When I turn on the projector it just beams a light, and when I try to add a youtube link, the audio of the video plays but there isn’t a video playing on the screen.

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Hm, is the light rectangular as a screen should be, or is it just round?

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its round on my screen

It’s a bug then, I suppose. I’ve moved it to Bug Reports and changed the title a bit.

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Put your Shadows in medium at least, in your settings.

Worked for me, I had the same issue :wink:


As AshGe said, the projector uses Shadows, put your Shadows on at least Medium to be able to see the projection.

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Do you know if they will ever change it so that you can still view it on low shadows? I’m running on a laptop, and medium shadows affects my frames drastically. I also don’t want to have to keep switching from low to medium shadows every time I go to my condo just so I can watch a video.

Yep, for me too :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope there will be a way in the future to be able to see projectors videos with low shadows!