[] Inventory stuff in Ball Race

I was playing in Ball Race when I saw this:

My Jetpack:

My hat and my glasses

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CAN CONFIRM! This has happened in every game of Ball Race I have played. So far, I’ve theorized the reasoning:

These appear when a new player joins the game. Every time. Here’s what I think happens:

  1. Player joins
  2. Game tries to load player’s accesories
  3. Ball Race doesn’t use them yet
  4. They remain in a default location.
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Yeah, you’re right. I think it too.

But that’s very fun and annoyed at the same time XD

I think it could be great to use head accesories in Ball Race.

Custom models are going to be added later.

But I’m not talking about custom models. I’m talking about using accesories in Ball Race (even if it’s only head accesories)

Yeah, sorry, poor wording. I meant your customized things (hats, colors, playermodel, etc.) are not implemented yet.

Np, but that will be great (talking about playermodels)

Workshop, come soon :slight_smile: