[] Graphics Settings Automatically Reset to TURBO on Every game restart

Everytime the game is restarted no matter what you changed the graphics settings to, the game forgets them and sets it all to TURBO. This could be a cause of bad performance for some players

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Some settings don’t stay the same between sessions. One that resets consistently for me is media resolution. I set it to 1080, but it’s back to 480 the next time I boot up the game. FOV also resets back to 90. High Quality Shaders and Antialiasing are sometimes saved, but both might get disabled even if I didn’t touch the settings.

Audio can sometimes reset back to defaults as well.

I’ve tried to set the .ini files in AppData as read only, but the game doesn’t seem to care. Does it even read the files in there?

This only seems to be an issue if you run the game in Windowed Borderless (Fullscreen Windowed) or in Windowed Mode. If you run in Fullscreen mode this issue still persists but saves the settings that you were using when you pressed Fullscreen.

Going from borderless to true fullscreen didn’t fix my issues.

This issue happens to me with all graphics settings. Including the TURBO settings, video resolution, and high-quality shaders toggle.