[] Server Browser for gameworlds and condos doesn't work except Plaza

I’ve tried restarting my router, Tower Unite, and Steam. I’ve already added Tower Unite to the Trusted group in Kaspersky and I can join other people’s gameworld and condo servers via Steam invite.

Plaza: http://puu.sh/obqa1/8102ef7416.jpg
Condos: http://puu.sh/obqtw/d061b16671.jpg
Minigolf: http://puu.sh/obq6w/43f13dcf4c.jpg
Ballrace: http://puu.sh/obq7f/654876fa89.jpg
Planet Panic: http://puu.sh/obq8F/dfe329f3a6.jpg
Virus: http://puu.sh/obq93/ee53cd638d.jpg

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