[Ball Race] Melons do not give you units [Edit, not fixed]

Whenever you complete a level in Ball Race, the melons do not give you units.


Same here. Even with 4+ players in game.

Same here, bonus level is useless now :l

Plus you dont get any units for completing the level so there is no difference in completing or not if you are not one of the first three people

I get completion and no death bonuses. And after 2 players I get place rewards too.

I think you are mistaking bonus for just playing with completion bonus

I think you’ve done that. Read your other post again.

I am saying that you are supposed to get 25 extra units for completing the level because thats how it was in gmod tower
(http://www.gmtower.org/index.php?p=gamemodes&gm=ballrace&tab=payout “Completing the level will gain you 25 bonus GMC.”) Now its like this if you die and three people already finished it there is no difference in completing and not completing because you will only get the 25units for playing.

I only get the completion bonus when I personally complete the level.

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You dont get a completion bonus you only get a thanks for playing bonus that you get even if you dont complete the level (i just tested it in game)

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I never get a completion bonus, only ever a ‘Thanks for Playing’ bonus. ‘Melon collecting’ units and ‘Completion’ units need to be added because unless you are fast and careful, Ball Race is a waste of time because the other gamemodes pay out more for sucking. (Ex: Minigolf still gives units for ‘Over Double Bogey’ and Planet Panic has a Losing bonus.)

plus planet panic gives u units for dying becuz the death and kill counters are inverted so dying adds a “kill” so the best at dying gets the best killer xD