[] Cannot Take Screenshots while Crouching

I’m not sure if this one was on my end or not, but I couldn’t take a screenshot while holding Ctrl. I only tried this in the Condo, however, so this may not be very reliable.

This is a Steam-wide thing, assuming you’re using F12 to take the screenshot. Ctrl+F12 is seen as a different input and, as a result, will not take a screenshot. If you press F12 as soon as you let go of control, you can try to get the screenshot from that vantage point.

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I can also confirm with Drachen that this indeed the case with Steam overlay

I did not know that. Maybe I should have spent a few extra minutes testing it in other games after all. Thanks!

I’ve always used C for crouching, myself. (Really don’t get how people can find moving their pinkie finger down there from a common WASD position comfortable.)

My pinkie finger is always positioned on the SHIFT key, so moving down to Ctrl isn’t a real big hassle.

Same, but I find moving my pinkie down from Shift to CTRL awkward and painful.

Thanks for your report! This has been forwarded straight to our Trello board. You can track its status there (it takes a couple minutes to show up on Trello).

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