[] Condo: Wallpaper/floor bugs

1. The hallway leading to the basement stairs is all one piece, and only ceiling textures can be applied to it.

2. This platform outside can only have flooring added to it, but wallpaper textures are used instead.

3. Trying to color this little piece in the wall is an absolute nightmare. Sadly my cursor isn’t in the picture for some reason, but you have to be so precise with where it’s placed, otherwise you’ll highlight the two walls next to it instead.

4. Probably not a bug, but this white spot above the fireplace should be colorable.

5. Also probably not a bug but the stairs should separate these levels into two pieces.


At #4, it’s not colorable? This is indeed a bug, mac pls feex

There really needs to be a way to select any individual wall face and apply a texture to it and then shift the position, scale, and rotation of that applied texture, like the “Toggle Texture Application” tool from Hammer World Editor.

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Or like the way you select sheets of brushes with the “Edit Face Sheet” tool.


1. This one’s pretty minor. While you can’t change the wallpaper on this wall, it’s texture is much smaller compared to the other walls.

2. This green block can be colored, but it doesn’t save after leaving the condo.

I can confirm all of these as still in version [].