Zombie Massacre Beta   Beta Suggestions

Stage Events (2)
Separate maps and difficulty levels (and change these as well) (1)
Change the colors around (1)
Make it more apparent that the doctor's special item heals you (3)
Zombie Spawn Animation (3)
Possible Nerfing Of Survivor Class (2)
A collection of polishing suggestions (3)
The zombie spawn locations are stupid (2)
Multicolored HUD widgets (1)
New Zombies that could be more of a challenge (1)
Balance suggestions (1)
Add a Rammer as a new enemy zombie [updated] (1)
Add a Suicider as a new enemy Zombie [updated] (1)
Add a Big-Man as a new enemy zombie [updated] (1)
Small Quality of Life/Tweaks Improvements (2)
Add a Golem as a new Boss zombie (2)