Zombie Massacre Beta   Beta Bug Report

The Helicopter did not take me (11)
Last zombie in Compound stuck within fences (5)
Queen's Web Persists After Death (1)
Trainyard Invisible Walls (3)
[] Odd Missing texture on Helicopter (5)
You can Dual Wield the Sawn-Off (2)
[] Voice chat does not work in Zombie Massacre (2)
[] Zombie Massacre: Moonwalking zombies and cursor bug (4)
Players looks a little bit to the left whenever moving (2)
Remaining Spiders even after 'Clearing the Remaining Zombies' (4)
[5.1.0] Bullets are attracted to the helicopter for some reason (3)
Game freezes on special use (2)
[] One of the positions I saw an enemy get stuck in (2)
[] Invisible wall on Trainyard (3)
Zombie Massacre Respawn Cheating (6)
Stuck on You are a Zombie screen (2)
[] Mercenary's Focus Shot can be shot manually (1)
Zombies remaining even after killing everyone (2)
[] Camera Flash and Exploding Flasks sometimes add to a combo (3)
[] Compound- big visibility differences based on settings (2)
[] Two helicopters (2)
[] More than two players can have the same class when players join late (1)
Zombie Player falls out of map (2)
No Melee range cone (2)
Outliving Boss Timer (2)
Using Mercenary's Ability under a bridge (5)
Random Zombie (2)
Maxed out upgrade lighting up as if it could be upgraded (1)
Another Zombie stuck spot on Trainyard (1)
[] Survivor Class (Ramming Shield) (1)