Zombie Massacre Beta

Beta Announcements Any announcements concerning the public beta. Beta Suggestions Feel free to provide any suggestions or feedback on the beta. Beta Bug Report Please report any bugs or weird things you've encountered during the beta.
[] Voice chat does not work in Zombie Massacre [Beta Bug Report] (1)
Award half points if within ally range and/or if zombie was damaged [Beta Suggestions] (3)
[] Zombie Massacre: Moonwalking zombies and cursor bug [Beta Bug Report] (4)
Players looks a little bit to the left whenever moving [Beta Bug Report] (2)
Remaining Spiders even after 'Clearing the Remaining Zombies' [Beta Bug Report] (4)
Little Crusaders ZM Map [Zombie Massacre Beta] (10)
The Helicopter did not take me [Beta Bug Report] (10)
[5.1.0] Bullets are attracted to the helicopter for some reason [Beta Bug Report] (3)
Zombie Massacre Mutator Suggestions [Beta Suggestions] (15)
Unit Multiplier Upgrade [Beta Suggestions] (9)
PLEASE remove the helicopter escape feature [Beta Suggestions] (6)
Game freezes on special use [Beta Bug Report] (2)
[] One of the positions I saw an enemy get stuck in [Beta Bug Report] (2)
[] Invisible wall on Trainyard [Beta Bug Report] (3)
AFK is Insufferable [Zombie Massacre Beta] (2)
Difficulty scaling with higher player amount [Beta Suggestions] (4)
Zombie Massacre Respawn Cheating [Beta Bug Report] (6)
Journalist seems overpowered at the moment [Zombie Massacre Beta] (7)
My take on the classes [Zombie Massacre Beta] (1)
Melee as a starting secondary? [Beta Suggestions] (2)
Stuck on You are a Zombie screen [Beta Bug Report] (2)
[] Mercenary's Focus Shot can be shot manually [Beta Bug Report] (1)
Reduce wait time when everyone is ready to 3 seconds [Beta Suggestions] (2)
Zombies remaining even after killing everyone [Beta Bug Report] (2)
Allow players to control their zombie [Beta Suggestions] (7)
[] Camera Flash and Exploding Flasks sometimes add to a combo [Beta Bug Report] (3)
[] Compound- big visibility differences based on settings [Beta Bug Report] (2)
[] Two helicopters [Beta Bug Report] (2)
Make the player zombie a more of a threat [Beta Suggestions] (1)
Change how the Scientist's flasks get thrown and explode [Beta Suggestions] (3)