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About the Plaza Minigames/Events Suggestions category (1)
Time Log in Plaza (7)
Mario party style game! (2)
Escape Rooms (5)
Change text color in chat for events (2)
Make the Arcade Enterable (3)
Add a Stat/Leaderboard For Highest Combo in Plaza Minigames (1)
Display your info on the top of tab menu (2)
Have a "Dog fight PVP" minigame arena (5)
Give Target Practice quality of life: Vanshing indicator and better visual contrast (2)
Turn Poseidon Into the Old Halloween Ride From GMT for Halloween (10)
A Hunted like Gamemode (2)
Bullet Hell Multiplayer Game (4)
Break the glass (6)
Fishing plaza game (4)
Disable workshop avatars during PvP events (9)
Disable player wisps in the snowball battle arena (2)
Replace Plaza Ambience Music With Halloween Ambience (2)
Remove Remains Of Innocent Timer (3)
Event Tokens, Exclusive Shop (Event Suggestions) (10)