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About the Little Crusaders Suggestions category (1)
Hitbox on the Dragon's button should be smaller (4)
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Dragon hat (6)
Dragon Rebalancing (10)
Little Crusaders/BallRace Show Velocity (3)
Let the Dragon Tail Whip While Flying (1)
Make Birb spawn in the farthest from the dragon knights hand (3)
Let the Dragon Jump When Stunned (2)
Make the Dragon Look More Intimidating (19)
Idle noises for the Crusaders (3)
Map: "Dungeon" (4)
Bunnyhopping in little crusaders (7)
[] Nerf knight's bhop (3)
Make Knights Fall Off Dragon When it Flies (6)
Nerf Source Movement in Little Crusaders (7)
Buff the Little Crusaders Dragon (5)
Tick box to swap between New and Old LC when making a game (8)
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