Discourse Formatting Sheet (13)

Things in this bar are not presented. Also, feel free to add anything that I missed, once I figure out how to make this a wiki or whatever. Update as of 7/22/17: Don't know when this happened, but the ability to create…

About the Meta category (2)
I did a bad thing (4)
Create a "Emote Suggestions" Category (6)
I lost Regular? ( 2 ) (21)
Add ability to change capitalisation in username (10)
Can't connect to twitter account (6)
Changes to Suggestions (1)
Community Project Tab for Community Condos (3)
Sooo uhhh flagged post (8)
It seems that my reply has gone missing? (8)
Where can i find this? (3)
Different version of the Dark Theme? (10)
Allow (Permanent) Post Editing in Community Showcase category (4)
Community Events Sub-Category (2)
Probably should update the trello (2)
Clean up the (sub)categories a bit (2)
Add a forum post count (5)
Why is there a cake above my name? (4)
Dark Theme ( 2 ) (22)
Corrupted Content Error? (3)
HTTPS Enabled (3)
Strange color/text bugs with new Discourse (2)
Updated forums to the latest Discourse (7)
Did anyone else get another "Anniversary" badge just now? (2)
Forums have become slow? (9)
A Wait between Multiple Posts (9)
User polls (3)
GMod Tower Forums are gone? (3)
Is anyone else annoyed by "Please remake my favourite game in TU" suggestions? (14)