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Condo Showcase Show off your Condo and impress others with your unique personality! Screenshots Post pictures of stuff from GMTower / Tower Unite Workshop Here you can post work in progress Workshop creations and (when we have workshop up and running) promote them for the community to enjoy! Videos Post videos of stuff from GMTower / Tower Unite
Piano Lessons Sharing Thread ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) [Community Showcase] (106)

Welcome to the new Tower Unite Piano Lesson Sharing Thread! Hopelessly taken from Want to use a MIDI keyboard? Just install GlovePie and use this script by Niveks: h…

Item Template Thread [Community Showcase] (10)

This thread will act as a directory for item templates until a permanent solution is implemented in-game, for now you can find templates for most of the canvas items here. (Some canvas items don't require a template sinc…

PSA For any would be non-constructive posters [Community Showcase] (1)

PSA For any would be non-constructive posters: Seeing something you don't like in a thread does not create any sort of obligation to respond to it. If you see something you don't like, you can [image] or [image] and mov…

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