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How to report crashes (1)

We need to nail down crashes! When the game crashes, most times it’ll generate a minidump. These minidumps allow us to dive into the stack trace to determine when and how your game crashed. This allows us to fix bugs, …

[] Crash while loading Plaza (1)
[] Crash when entering Casino (1)
Crashes anywhere (1)
Crash Dump #2 (4)
[] Crash when refreshing plaza server list (2)
[] Game crashes anywhere, at any random time (2)
[] Constant crashing on the main menu (2)
[] Crashing when using workshop item with glowing material (2)
Crash upon loading into Plaza (re-occurring indefinitely, used to work literally minutes ago) (3)
[] crash when in friends suite (2)
[] Crash When Loading Into My Suite (2)
[] Crash When Zooming Into Workshop Furniture (2)
I just joined the plaza then the game crashed (2)
[] Constant Crashing on Ryzen 2700X during Minigolf (2)
[] Crash near the entrance of the Tower Subway Station (2)
[] Crash walking around plaza near board walk after snow ball mini game ended (2)
[] Crashes In My Resort (2)
Crash in Drrabbit's art studio (2)
[] Crash when loading into snowball fight (3)
[] Fatal Error when Spawning into Plaza (3)
Canvas constently causing a crash (3)
[] Crash in Drrabbit's Suite (4)
Workshop Player Model Crash Dump (3)
[] Crashes in Suite (3)
[] Multiple crashes in suite (Some with workshop disabled.) (3)
[] Crashed in Drrabbit's Resort (4)
[] Even more Suite crashes (3)
[] Crash when loaded into the plaza (3)
[] Crashing when entering plaza (3)