Little Crusaders ZM Map


This is more of a long term suggestion, but I’d love a map that uses the Little Crusaders assets in the Zombie Massacre mode. It could allow for an interesting boss fight, where players work together to shoot a dragon in the back as it tries to eat the team.


I dislike this idea. I think the kingdom map is enough for GM crossovers, and the tone is pretty important when it comes to ZM and it’s maps, the reusing of LCs assets would really be detrimental to this.


Maybe a SDNL map, but another LC crossover would be tiring.




No I disagree. Not to sh** on your idea however we already have kingdom as a crossover and I think if the devs were to do one again, not anytime soon. Another thing, if new gamemodes with new art styles (darker looking art styles) then maybe they could use that. LC has already had a crossover so to have another one would be weird and maybe they should mix other gamemodes together.

Also LC is WAAYY to vibrant and colourful for the dark tone of ZM. I mean imagine running around on giant colourful toys while being chased by evil, demonic zombies. It just doesn’t match.

The idea you made is great, however let’s wait until another art style comes out. I’d love to see more crossovers, especially with ZM, but more LC crossovers is weird just having LC crossing over rather than more gameworlds


Plants vs Zombies says hi.


But in Plants vs Zombies you don’t fight the zombies with rocket launchers, axes and guns and blood doesn’t spread everywhere.


xD I mean yeah but PvZ is completely different. PvZ doesn’t make an effort to be creepy and dark with good graphics. It does everything it can to be the oposite to those. xD


Garden Warfare has all of that except blood, so that’s a good point. ZM is considerably more brutal. Didn’t think about that.


Fair point. Garden Warfare was violent but even it was just cartoony violence.