Zombie Massacre Beta   Beta Suggestions

Award half points if within ally range and/or if zombie was damaged (3)
Zombie Massacre Mutator Suggestions (15)
Unit Multiplier Upgrade (9)
PLEASE remove the helicopter escape feature (6)
Difficulty scaling with higher player amount (4)
Melee as a starting secondary? (2)
Reduce wait time when everyone is ready to 3 seconds (2)
Allow players to control their zombie (7)
Make the player zombie a more of a threat (1)
Change how the Scientist's flasks get thrown and explode (3)
Audio notification for when class ability is ready (1)
Replace the "Lifes" system (5)
Controller support (2)
Removal of Overpowered spots from Trainyard (2)
Make zombies jump down (1)
Just miscellaneous suggestions... (Might not even be possible) (1)
Invincibility frames (3)
My (unrealistic) take on the class abilities (1)
Difficulty Selection (3)
Journalist Combo Duration? (4)
Reduce Upgrade Costs and increase certain weapon chances (4)
ZM Thoughts (moved from general topic) (11)
Additional Information on Upgrades (4)
Add a "No deaths" unit bonus (4)
Major Difficulty Issue in Zombie Massacre (4)
Stage Events (2)
Separate maps and difficulty levels (and change these as well) (1)
Change the colors around (1)
Make it more apparent that the doctor's special item heals you (3)
Zombie Spawn Animation (3)